After graduating as an Engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, I participated in a research project in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I wanted to create technical value in complex high technology mainframes, with the intention of covering a broad spectrum of sectoral issues. With an entrepreneurial spirit, my associate and I soon "invented" a new line of services focusing on the optimisation of the operation and maintenance of mainframes (SLI, maintenance engineering, availability optimisation, etc.). This business led us to build solutions in technical information management, and ultimately the digitalisation of processes. While building and managing the projects, I handled the business, innovation and geographical development of the company, with a particular focus on new communication and information technologies. I am still driven by this urge to develop and innovate, with a true passion for expertise to provide all staff with opportunities to achieve their engineering dream. Every morning, it is my greatest joy to meet happy and fulfilled colleagues when I arrive at the office. I like to see satisfied customers who take advantage of what we provide and the innovation we offer.