Gersande MARY

After studying law and in particular discovering social law, I naturally turned to human resources. Whether it is a question of supporting organisations, listening to people, or facilitating collaboration and social dialogue, my various experiences within large groups are resolutely human-oriented. When I arrived in June 2019 as Group HR Director, I immediately perceived the DNA of LGM, which I translate with the words of the musician that I am: virtuosity, vivacity, movement, and energy. My team and I worked on several projects to structure careers (identification of potential, training, internal mobility, career development), to consolidate the management sector (key skills, training), to promote the value of expert careers, and to support the growth of the LGM Group by providing the applicants with an interview experience that resembles the spirit of what our employees experience at LGM on a day-to-day basis. For an HR professional like me, being a part of this adventure of pioneering entrepreneurs and agile people is a fantastic gift.