Our CSR approach > Environment


Professional travel:

Our professional travel by car, train and air, as well as our stays in hotels, all increase our carbon footprint. We encourage the use of web conferences and messaging services whenever possible, and we refund public transport fees to encourage its use by our employees. This reduces our travel on a global scale. We also limit the emissions of corporate vehicle fleets by defining new emission thresholds.

Waste management: our activities generate waste.

This is why we have set up recycling points on our different sites, and apply environment-friendly methods for recycling and disposing of electronic equipment. We also manage waste in a partnership with organisations with the appropriate certifications and authorisations.


Responsible digital charter:

For the LGM Group, responsible digital is a major challenge, which requires a permanent improvement process aimed at reducing the environmental, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies.

1. As the digital sector is a major player in greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion and biodiversity collapse, with an active impact on climate change, we are committed to optimising digital tools to limit their impact and consumptions.

2. As digital services can cause social exclusion, individualisation and hardware and software obsolescence, we commit to develop service offers which are accessible to all and sustainable.

3. As the future of the organisations requires the use of digital technologies which are seamless and reassuring for all, we are committed to ethical and responsible digital practices.

4. As the transition to responsible digital is indispensable to ensure resilience of organisations, we are committed to make digital measurable, seamless and legible.

6. But also, as digital is a formidable lever for creating value, and because tomorrow is written today, we commit to support the emergence of new behaviours and values.