Anti-corruption baseline and Code of Conduct:

Our Group's policy is to deliver high added value missions to our customers, in compliance with ethic, legal and regulatory rules. Among these rules are the measures taken to combat corruption.

LGM Group's anti-corruption policy is based on requirements set out by the Sapin Act of 9 December 2016, on transparency, corruption control and the modernisation of economic life.

Initiated by the Management through the creation of an integrated and effective compliance function, our anti-corruption policy is disseminated by the entire managerial chain of our Group's companies.

The anti-corruption Code of Conduct, under the control of Legal Management, formalises the rules of conduct imposed on our Group and hence on all our employees and stakeholders, in all forms of collaboration (temporary workers, subcontractors, partners, etc.). It is aimed at building awareness in employees on the risks of corruption, and ensuring that their behaviour is proper when facing risky situations.

The strength of this Code is the focus of its teaching on preventing risks of corruption, and on preventive action.