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Electronic Viewer Adaptative

EVA is an XML S1000D data publisher in HTML 5 developed by LGM Digital.

With EVA, you can

you can

  • publish in HTML 5 responsive

    publish data modules in HTML 5 responsive, called by the "publication module".

  • browse in touch or mouse mode

    within your documentation, in touch or mouse mode.

  • use a search engine

    to quickly search for information, which is then highlighted on the results page.

  • view illustrations in the SVG format

    with zoom and rotation, without losing details.

Its objective

Displaying your XML documentation

for maintenance, use and supply

Who is it for?

For the users of the documentation (internal or client).

Its features

  • Create an electronic publication

    • from S1000D normative files: PM, DM XML, ICN all versions of S1000D

  • Manage applicabilities

    • and take into account "descript", "proced" and "IPD" schemas

  • Enable hyperlinks

    • of source files, management of SVG illustration formats

  • Search via a search engine

    • which allows you to quickly find information which is then highlighted in the results page

  • Distribute and use the publication

    • via Edge, Firefox and Chrome

Its commitments

Be easy to use

Provide an end-to-end solution

Ensure a productivity gain

Guarantee the durability of the main system

Our offers


Production of the DTU publication as per the S1000D specification chosen, the graphic charter and language having been defined beforehand.

Distribution and use of the publication.

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Equipped service

LGM Digital supports you in the production and publication of your technical documentation data in accordance with the S1000D specification, thanks to our products and our expertise in S1000D.

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Customisable offer

Customisation of the colour charter, background, logo

Request for additional features

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EVA, an ASD Factory product

EVA belongs to a set of software products, developed by LGM Group companies, based on the ASD S-Series specifications (S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, S5000F, S6000T).

These products, designed by our ASD Factory, ensure the continuous deployment of digital support, from the design stage to the operation and maintenance of systems.

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