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Modular Solution for Documentation

MSD is a product for managing and producing your documentation based on the Word editor and developed by LGM Digital.

With MSD, you can

you can

  • manage the life cycle of a documentation

    ensure the comprehensive management of the documentation life cycle

  • choose the bricks to be used in your programme

    thanks to this customisable and modular solution

  • have an automatic documentation

    update from a logistics database (Excel format), including traceability

  • lock on a single user

    and compare the versions of a single file

  • ensure compliance with the S1000D standard

    • convert documentary modules to the XML S1000D
    • standard check the documentation in the S1000D standard

Its objective

Improving productivity and the consistency

of documentation

Who is it for?

For industrialists wishing to convert their documentation into agile and usable data.

Its features

  • Integration of modules

    • into the publication

  • Creation/modification of documentation modules

    • with customised styles and illustrations

  • Module configuration management

    • by working version/final version

  • Use of modules

    • to create the publication’s breakdown structure via the interface (titles, levels, choice of the documentary module with version)

  • Publication of the documentation

    • in the Word, PDF, and/or HTML formats.

Its commitments

Be easy to use

Offer an end-to-end solution

Ensure the durability of documentation

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