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Training Designer

Tool for training needs analyses and training design

Training Designer is a product aimed at analysing your training needs and designing your training programmes.

With training designer, you can

you can

  • define the learning objectives

    enabling these objectives to be reached

  • define the training media

    enabling these objectives to be reached

  • monitor a series of logical steps

    recommended by the ASD S6000T specification in order to provide an appropriate and effective training programme

Its objectives

Facilitating the integration and processing of data

relative to training, in order to create a training path suited to future learners and the organisation's environment

Clarifying the challenges

of completing the training in a certain environment, and the finality of the training

Who is it for?

A training project manager/training engineer wishing:

  • to integrate the training into the Integrated Logistic Support (ASD S-Series) thanks to the ASD S6000T specification,
  • to maximise the training's return on investment by making the training programmes more effective within the organisation.

Its features

  • Create/adapt training projects

    • Create new training projects

    • Modify / duplicate existing projects

    • Configure your project according to the organisation's specific environment or requirements

    • Define justified and exhaustive learning objectives

    • Create criteria-based training media best adapted to achieving the learning objectives

  • Import/integrate data relevant

    for the design of the training programme

    • Link the existing source data
      • Based on logistic support analyses (S3000L)

      • Based on operational and design data linked with the system

    • Identify the specific roles involved

    • Select the critical tasks for which training is required

    • Define the learning objectives as well as their performance criteria

    • Import a list of learning objectives using an Excel file

  • Support the user

    • Accessible to all

    • Series of logical and critical steps recommended by the ASD S6000T specification

  • Organise the training programme

    to guarantee maximum effectiveness

    • Consolidate the learning objectives into different lessons and modules

    • View the involvement of all the roles in each training parts

    • Plan and organise the training programme

    • Link the training media necessary for achieving the learning objectives

    • View the complete learning programme

  • Export the training plan

    • to an Excel file

    • to an LMS

Its commitments

Be easy to use

Offer an end-to-end solution

Optimise the design of training programmes

Ensure the quality and effectiveness of training

Training Designer, a product of the ASD Factory

Training Designer belongs to a set of software products, developed by LGM Group companies, based on the ASD S-Series specifications (S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, S5000F, S6000T).

These products, designed by our ASD Factory, ensure the continuous deployment of digital support, from the design stage to the operation and maintenance of systems.

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