Documentation engineering

Data management

Our offer focusses on the conversion and transformation of your data, as well as its migration and validation while controlling costs and deadlines.

We map your data, specify the conversions and deliver the output data in the target formats.

Our data management specialists handle conversions while adapting to many input and output format constraints for an optimised cost.

Offre data managment

Structured/unstructured source data
Structured target data


    • Conversion of the document base
    • Word to XML S1000D 4.1
    • XML S1000D 2.3 to S1000D 4.1
    • SGML ATA 2200 to S1000D 4.1
    • LSAB 1388-2B conversion to LSAB S3000L
    • Expertise in documentation engineering, ILS and ASD standards


    • Transformation of non-structured data (PDF, Word,…) to a structured format (XML, Excel, database, etc.)
    • Transformation of already structured data into another structured data format (e.g. ASD standards)


    • Data mapping
    • Specification of transformations
    • Migration of data from a set of source files (Word, Excel, CSV, txt, XML, etc.) to a target database
    • Migration from a source database to a target database


    • Data consistency check
    • Cleaning / corrections
    • Validation of migrated data

    Cost and deadline control

    Implementation of conversions with control of ETL tools (Extract Transform Load) providing better development effectiveness: lower implementation costs and shorter deadlines