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Technical communication


Our objective: to make your information punchy to engage your staff and customers. We master the production of all types of videos and support you in choosing the best suited to make a notion, a process and a gesture intelligible, and to broadcast them easily.

At LGM Digital, we support you all the way in the video creation process. The first step consists of choosing the type of video matching your needs. Once the video format has been chosen, we assist you in writing the storyboard and then working on the graphic content.

Video shoot

Nowadays, video is the best means of attracting the attention of social network followers. More effective than photos, it is also appreciated as it gives direct access to information.

We take care of video capture and use a softbox and backlight for optimum lighting.


The interview ensures formal communication and the conveyance of important messages. It can also be used within training programmes. At LGM Digital, we have all the necessary equipment, and we also propose a dedicated space for your interviews.

Motion Design

Motion design is a dynamic and innovating video format using vector and animatable elements. It is used to promote content or to convey important information in a simple and concise manner. It is also a format praised on social networks.

Our motion designers work with Adobe Illustrator software for the graphic illustration of all vector elements, and After effect for their animation. To make the video dynamic, editing is based on music with Sound Design selected by our team (sound design of elements such as an accelerating car).

3D animation

3D animation can be used to train your staff in complex procedures or in very specific project-related subjects.

At LGM Digital, our experts can offer technical 3D animations as a last resort if shooting is not possible and if realistic things have to be presented.
Our experts use the Catia composer tool to create animations in 3D or 3DS Max.