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From a virtual reality experience to a virtual visit with 360° photos, and including the 360° 3D animation film, we use these technologies when immersion is vital for grasping information.

360° 3D animation

The 360° 3D animation can be easily immersed into a project, whether it be of an infrastructure, a train cab or any other scenery. In this type of animation, you can add contextual information with clickable zones or hot spots: when clicking a zone, you can retrieve information, videos or other documents to discover the environment/the location and adapt them.

The benefits of a 360° 3D animation, whether it be a real 360° photo or a realistic rendering using 3D, allow your staff to be trained quickly and easily (accessible to everyone) to prevent a project from being cancelled due to a lack of skills.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is accessible through a headset and joysticks. The user can then be immersed physically in the environment. This is useful in complex operations or for discovery purposes.