Training Engineering


Conducting training courses

LGM Digital's experts guide customers in running training courses. Consideration of the learner's experience makes access easy, intuitive and interactive.

Training catalogue

Through LGM Academy , we offer classroom or virtual class programmes in our training course catalogue.

Virtual class

We guide you in the adaptation of your face-to-face training content into a virtual classroom, and train your teams in preparing, facilitating and leading a virtual class.

Implementation learning management system

We integrate the training modules into your or our LMS by creating context-based and packaged programmes while ensuring the monitoring of individualised learner paths and the management of your LMS platform.

LGM Academy

The diversity and quality of the services supplied by the engineers and the project managers of our Group, over the last 20 years, have built up unique expertise within the company in the concrete and effective application of management and engineering techniques for major projects in many different sectors of activity.

This expertise is derived from different fields of consulting and expertise within LGM and LGM Digital, as well as engineering activities within LGM Engineering.

This is why LGM has created its own LGM Academy, which is an approved training organisation, and Data Docked under the number: 11 78 83574 78 with the objective to propose off-the-shelf expertise and training content.

In terms of training, the focus has been placed on developing the training skills of experts to transform them into more effective trainers (perfecting their trainer practice), to transmit our expertise in terms of training engineering (training in the SAT methodology and in the ASD S6000T standard), and to support the digital transformation of the programme with four training sessions (Storyline, Camtasia, discovery of digital learning approaches in the training factory, and transforming classroom-based training into a virtual class).