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Digitalisation of information and processes

Digitalisation of operations and processes

The Digitalisation of Operations offer was born out of a request from our clients to combine our IT strength with the business expertise they recognise in us.
We have thus strengthened our position over the last few years while cultivating our difference: a positioning as digital specialists.

The result of this reinforcement is the creation of our Digital Factory which integrates:

  • all our specialists,
  • all our digital technologies and our justification process,
  • the sharing and structuring of our best practices,
  • the collaborative work tools we use to boost sprints.

We operate as integrated business-IT teams in order to bring value and a difference that we consider essential:

  • a qualitative projection as an end-user,
  • a demonstration of the business value provided,
  • support for our clients in bringing projects to the attention of management,
  • minimise iterations and accelerate pro-activity,
  • concentrate the time our clients can free up for essential decisions.

Our offer is a modular offer that adapts to your needs, it is not just a licence.

Almost all of our solutions are contracted without licences and developed either in agile or in successive packages.

This allows you to fully benefit from the value of the developed solution without any retention or recurring costs. You can then develop with your usual partners and continue to trust us to develop your solution.

Our vision

For us, a digitalisation project is based on immersion in the business. This allows us to move quickly to the prototype in order to avoid the tunnel effect, to cultivate support from the start and to demonstrate the value step by step.

In this way, we aim to achieve rapid results while limiting your efforts.

Our activities

Business activities

We carry out the field activities to support you and provide you with the best solutions.

Performance analysis

We identify and formalise optimisation levers thanks to our subject matter experts.

Proof of value

We materialise the digital contribution through a mock-up or the best existing solutions and produce a prototype in record time with field teams.

We have a Digital Factory.
The Digital Factory is our catalyst for digital transformation.

  • UI/UX design
  • Agile application development
  • Process automation and RPA
  • 3D/AR/VR
  • Data management and engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data valorisation
  • Cybersecurity and networks
  • IS integration / hosting / TMA

Software solution development

We produce or manage the development of the solution.

Software deployment and change management

We integrate the solution into your IS ecosystem and support you in its adoption.

  1. Field operations
  2. Production, operation and maintenance
  3. Asset and fleet management
  4. Technical information management
  5. Simplification and digitalisation of workflows
  6. Sizing of service and in-service support contracts
  7. Project and contract management

Here are some of the areas in which our clients have repeatedly recognised us. Whatever the field, there are 4 key factors that we systematically identify:

  1. Knowledge of operational activities: For the management of these projects, it is the knowledge of the activities and specificities of execution that is the cornerstone of the project's success. This is why it is essential to set up mixed IT and business project teams.
  2. Integration into existing processes: our intervention aims to improve or make a process more reliable. This is why we start by immersing ourselves in your existing process and then suggesting improvements.
  3. Speed: in the value justification and prototyping process.
  4. Acceptance by the field operators: the end users are the field operators. It is therefore vital to work with them, to involve peers, to speak their language and to involve them in the development process.

1. Field Operations

This segment groups together the digitalisation solutions provided for specific processes relating to operational activities in the field.

  • PHENIX: Solution for managing and securing work on railways
  • TIREX: Solution for dematerialising and InfoRmatised traceability of Greater Paris works excavations
  • DEMATEL MAIN: Solution for entering maintenance data on a touch-sensitive tablet in a nuclear environment

2. Production, operation and maintenance

This segment groups together the digitalisation solutions provided to support the management and optimisation of the production, operation and maintenance phases.
The objective in:

  • Production: optimising costs, securing the supply chain, increasing output and reducing downtime
  • Operation: optimising the performance and availability of the main system
  • Maintenance: minimise system and line downtime, prevent stoppages


  • CRAFT: Supply chain management and production cost reduction for industrial performance
  • STORM: Securing the supply chain by identifying and steering critical suppliers in terms of meeting milestones and the quality of the parts supplied to ensure the continuity of the assembly activity
  • SP24: Production management tools


  • SPLIT: Monitoring the performance of the CNM railway line and traffic incidents
  • OPALE: Development of a tool for steering the production of train paths for the service
  • MOKA: End-to-end and modular predictive maintenance solution


  • POOM: Optimised Planning of Maintenance Operations
  • OSIRIS: Spare parts management solution
  • CINDY: CMMS solution (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

3. Asset and fleet management

This segment includes solutions for optimising the management of your fixed and mobile assets using digital technology. The solutions implemented improve operational availability and reduce risks by enabling the management of: schedules, resources, processes, stocks and costs.
This optimises performance, extends the life cycle of assets and reduces downtime and operational costs.

OTAWA: Army Tanker Fleet Management Solution
PRISM: Asset and contract management solution for Ariane 5 infrastructure
CINDY: CMMS module for naval fleet management
ODAP: Outil D'Analyse des Plans de Transport pour Technicentres TGV (Transport Plan Analysis Tool for High Speed Train Centres)

4. Technical information management

This segment groups together the digitalisation solutions that enable:

  • share information more widely and quickly while offering collaborative decision-making capabilities,
  • address the growing complexity of information systems,
  • transform and migrate data to interconnect information systems,
  • facilitate the understanding of information by end-users,
  • make the most of it by capturing and exploiting the available data.

ADEO: Mobile, interactive, augmented documentation solution connected to the IS maintenance to increase the efficiency of operations
MSD: Solution for producing and managing your documentation in a structured and modular way in MS Word, allowing significant gains while placing your documentation in a data logic
DIGITAL TRAINING: Set of solutions for the digital transformation of knowledge capitalisation and learning
ADIX: A complete DITA document workshop solution including: writing, validation and distribution workflow, publication and electronic document management.
Data management et automation: transformation/migration (ETL), interconnection (API-builder) and automation (RPA) solutions to facilitate exchanges between all your information systems.

5. Simplification and digitalisation of workflows

This segment groups together digitalisation solutions that break down the complexity and heaviness of complex workflows.
The objective is to accelerate the sharing of information and encapsulate it in a digital capsule that boosts process management.

MCDB: The Master Change Data Base is a configuration management and tracking solution for helicopter evolution requests in a multi-industry and international context
SCSS PORTAL: Web portal for safety management in a nuclear context
APIVUT: Digitalisation of the critical railway process of temporary single tracks
GOST: Solution for yard occupancy management and optimisation
GOVERN: Monitoring and regulatory watch tool for severe industrial environments
OBSODY: Solution for simplifying and rationalising obsolescence management, allowing interconnection with commercial databases (e.g. IHS)

6. Sizing of service and ISS contracts

This digitalisation segment includes all solutions designed and developed to accelerate contracting, simplify management and minimise risk.
As these processes are complex and particularly risky financially, we bring systems and in-service support specialists to these projects in addition to our usual mixed business/IT teams.

TRAX: Assistance solution for auditing the creation of train paths and the contracting of associated works and services
[email protected]: Management of ISS service contracts for civil engine fleets
EAGLE: Sizing of service contracts and ISS for FALCON business aviation

7. Project and contract management

This segment represents the solutions developed to optimise the project and work management process.
This optimisation can be based on minimising risks, better sharing of information, facilitating decision-making and reducing deadlines.

OCTAVE: Temporal Coordination of Activities and Space tool (4D planning) aiming at generating space-time schedules from Primavera, MS Project or other planning software
PRIME: Customisable and collaborative management and reporting solution offering an overall view of the project, anticipating risks and opportunities and meeting contractual deadlines
NEXTEO: Solution for the management process, contractual and financial monitoring and follow-up of Greater Paris actions
L-RISK: Solution for project risk monitoring and management